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Aerial and Ground Photography for Central Ohio

Bravo Charlie Productions is your one stop shop for Commercial Construction progression, Commercial and Residential Real Estate photography and video.  We are adding new verticals to our business every day to serve you and our hard working partners for Commercial and Residential Property Managers and Real Estate Agents, City Officials and Construction Companies.

Let us take care of any and all of your needs!
For more information see our Services page. 

Commercial Construction

Commercial Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Aerial Photography and Videography

Professional Videography to showcase your project or property like looking out of an airplane.  We want to ensure our customers are able to bring the entire property into view.

We also provide mapping services to the Construction Industry as well as Property Management Groups. When contacting us, ask about our Property Management Preventative Maintenance Programs. 

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*****DRONERS.IO Review Score: 5/5*****

"WOW!  Is all I can say... Oh, and LIFE SAVER!
I am in a whole other state from where my clients had work 
and I did not feel like making the drive of 8 hours. So, Bravo Charlie Productions reached out 
after posting my job and after a few emails and a phone call, Brannon was on it the next day! 
I got my work back within 2-3 days of posting! 
And did I mention the quality and editing, the work was PERFECT! 
I will continue using Bravo Charlie Productions for any future projects in the area!"

- Chosen Films - St. Louis, MO

*****FRANK LILL & SON INC Review*****

"Hey Brannon, We are viewing the pictures, video and 3d maps, again you have ROCKED us!  Your work is fantastic and these are great, great tools we are happy to have.  Thank you!

-M.Meehan - NY

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